Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Review

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Review

The new Xiaomi Mi Band 1S and one of the leading fitness trackers in the world has been officially introduced to the general public. This is according to the recent news gathered from a reliable source. Its reasonable price tag is the major reason behind the popularity of this new wearable.

This gadget measures your sleep vaguely, measures your calories, steps, unlock your phone, and vibrate when you get a phone notification, although it is fairly limited in functionality.

New Xiaomi Mi Band 1S is a cheap fitness tracker that features rate monitor. This new gadget is already launched on November 11th and it will be capable of tracking heart rate and sleep in a much more comprehensive and useful manner.

By and large leaked images confirm that Mi Band is retaining its discreet visual technique and its attractive price. This new gadget is anticipated to retail for $15 (99 yuan).

A heart rate sensor in a grime cheap fitness tracker

There is an optical heart rate located at the base of Xiaomi Mi Band 1S, facing the hand of the user. Expectations are that this gadget will come with lower battery life than the original because having a heart rate scanner running will obviously be more demanding on the battery life.

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S

In the second quarter of 2015, sales of the Xiaomi Mi Band got to 3.1 million and the company has abridged the price from $12.5 (79 yuan) to $11 (69 yuan) in the recent times, with rumors that the price fall paves way for the latest Mi Band 1S.

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