Xiaomi Mi 5 and Snapdragon 820

Xiaomi Mi 5 and Snapdragon 820

As the year is slipping away fast, Xiaomi Mi 5 is on the way to making history again with a new bang and the release of a Snapdragon 820. It was gathered from recent news that it this new development will be one of the first handsets to be powered by upcoming Snapdragon 820 chipset from Qualcomm. The latest rumor reveals December 3rd as the expected unveiling date, as nobody is even hoping that it would be launched this year.

But should Snapdragon 820 not be announced before its actual release date? A reliable source tips November 20th as the official day when Snapdragon will be coming. Qualcomm has already taunted a few features, but has not actually made a grand announcement yet. Whatever the case, we might certainly learn more about its most powerful SiC by the end of the month.

Little else is recognized regarding the Mi 5, apart from the eventual 820 processor. To  some extent however, we could envisage a bigger 5.2-inch display with QHD resolution, mainly on account of a number of earlier rumors, and because there are already a few phones with such a pixel-dense displays. Regarding the panel, it is likely to feature a pressure-sensitive screen tech, comparable to the 3D Touch or Mate S on iPhone 6S.

With the amazing features that Xiaomi Mi 5 will be coming with, it will definitely stand out from the crowd and beat all competitions. The best we can do at this time is to keep our legs crossed till the released date.

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